Courtesy of Alma.
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While maintaining your mental health is one of the most valuable things you can do, it's often extremely difficult for people to get the help they need and for therapists to find spaces to practice in. As many are working to eliminate the stigma around therapy, a few new startups are also looking to make access to care even easier.

The newest approach is a brand new co-practicing space in Midtown NYC called Alma. Equipped with a bold and informed design by Lauren Spear and a community of over 30 top independent therapists, the company hopes to make the process modern, simple, and effective.

“The mental health crisis is at an all-time high," shares founder Harry Ritter, MD. "There’s a new generation of therapists serving on the front lines, but independent practice can be lonely and the business challenges overwhelming. Alma’s community-based approach supports therapists so that they can practice how and when they want and focus on the critical work of providing mental health care.”

From a calm waiting area designed so that no seats face each other to identical therapy rooms to give patients a consistent experience, every detail has been thought of to create the ideal therapy experience. Read ahead to get a closer look into the innovative new space.