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The Best Celebrity Bedrooms

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Curious where the stars go at night? Data confirms that they return to luxurious bedrooms for their beauty rest. While it's always fun to take a look into celeb homes to see their beautiful and often pricey décor, taking a peek into someone's bedroom can give you a real behind-the-curtain look into a personal hideaway.

A person's bedroom decor style can also give you a hint at their true personality — you know, the one behind the carefully crafted public persona. For example, while Angelina Jolie favors all-black fashion ensembles, her bedroom style is surprisingly light and bright. And while Lady Gaga is known for her eccentric red carpet looks, her bedroom is a paragon of muted sophistication.

We rounded up the bedrooms of the stars to let you see their amazing spaces for yourself. Click through and find your favorite.