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The Best Design Spots On California's Highway 1

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Photographed by Ana Kamin for California Weekend.
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While California is filled with natural beauty, one of its most breathtaking landscapes is the stretch that follows along Highway 1. With a taste of the coastline and biodiversity of the state, this road trip is definitely an adventure you can't miss. But there's even more than just natural beauty you can find on the coast.

"Road tripping along the famous Highway 1 is a balm for the eye and the soul," shares Ana Kamin, founder of the online magazine California Weekend. "The windy road along the Pacific Ocean reveals some of the most stunning landscapes in the world. But sometimes we need a pinch of design to mix it up in between all the nature ahhhs and ohhhs."

To help you find the perfect pitstops on the way from S.F. to L.A., we asked Kamin to share her ultimate travel guide. From stylish shops to elevated motels, you're going to have the perfect California adventure.