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The Best Design Spots On California's Highway 1

Take A Santa Cruz Coffee Break
"A good friend of mine, a Santa Cruz native, told me about this cool place," says Kamin. "The Swift Street Courtyard was an old packing plant which today houses a variety of businesses from shops to bakeries to breweries."

"For anyone looking for unique fashion pieces and an Insta-worthy interior shot, Cameron Marks is the place to visit," she shares. "Run by Vanessa Ambrose, an Australia transplant, Cameron Marks is actually two shops within walking distance. One focuses on fashion, while the other, just across the yard, sells beautiful home goods."

"For a coffee break, walk a short way to Verve Coffee. With lots of light, high ceilings, and hanging planters, this place checks off all cool-coffee-shop requirements. And, yep the coffee is good, too!"