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The Biggest HGTV Scandals Of All Time

6. 'House Hunters' Gets Outed For Being Fake
House Hunters is a show in which HGTV follows around people who are looking to buy a new place. They check out a few different homes and then decide which one they want in the end. Simple enough, right?

Well, back in 2012, one woman who had gone on the show wrote a tell-all blog post basically saying the show's premise is fake. The whistleblower, named Bobi Jensen, claimed that House Hunters did not accept her family onto the show until after they already closed on a property, meaning the whole "hunting" part of the show was a sham.

Jensen went on to say that she had to pretend to consider other homes that weren't even on the market. "The ones we looked at weren’t even for sale…they were just our two friends’ houses," she wrote in her post.