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The Blake Hotel Brings A Modern Retreat To New Haven

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Courtesy of The Blake Hotel.
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The historic college town of New Haven, Connecticut might have its fair share of dorms, but it didn't have a great boutique hotel for visitors to stay. Well now that void has been filled. The Blake Hotel just opened up in January 2019 and has brought the stylish vibes New Haven needed.

Named after the first female graduate of Yale, Alice Blake, the new hotel mixes modern and timeless design to create a welcoming hub for locals and tourists alike. Between a cool communal lobby to amazing suites to a rooftop bar, the space is ready for entertaining.

Designed as a collaboration between HVS Design and Alexander Waterworth Interiors, The Blake Hotel is an aesthetic treat worth trekking to New Haven for. Want to take a full tour? Read ahead to explore the stylish space.