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These Are The Celebrity Homes Nobody Wants To Buy

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Getty Images Europe; Courtesy of Sotheby’s International Realty.
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To the untrained eye, the real-estate market is a competitive, fast-paced environment. We mean, haven't we all raced to submit an application for a particularly dreamy apartment? But, when it comes to buying a house, movement can progress at a glacial pace. Not only do some properties drop in price just weeks after they're listed, but it can often take months for a space to receive a suitable offer. Of course, celebrity real estate deals are no exception.

Though you might expect that homes owned by the rich and famous would fly off the market, Redfin found star-studded spaces are listed for approximately 36 days longer than typical properties — and that's a best-case scenario. Sometimes, it will take celebrities years (if not, decades) to shed a multi-million dollar mansion. Yikes!

So, go ahead, check out these star-studded spaces that nobody wants to buy. From waterfront wonderlands to city penthouses to homes in the Hollywood Hills, all the places here were on the market for at least one year. (And that's an eternity in real-estate time.) Trust us, you'll be surprised to see that some of these homes weren't snatched up sooner.

Compared to these homes, getting out of your 12-month lease seems like small potatoes.