Quilts Are the New Duvets, And You Should Have One for Fall

A modern, layered bed isn't complete without the old-school staple

Quilts Are the New Duvets, And You Should Have One for Fall

Erase the granny implications from your mind and get ready to embrace the quilt like you never knew you wanted to. Our interest was peaked last March, when Minneapolis studio Louise Gray debuted its coveted collection of heirloom-worthy pieces, but the love affair has blossomed into a full-blown obsession. Gone are the patchwork pinwheels and musty attic smells—the new quilt is cool, design-savvy, and an absolute must-have for a layered cold-weather bed

Several talented makers are turning those old stereotypical bed linens on their heads. One of our personal favorites is Meg Callahan, whose white-on-white Rye quilt (above) is an undeniable game changer. Her Osanna design, a patchwork using batch-dyed indigo fabric, toys with a more traditional style. 

Haptic Lab, creators of the incredibly cool sailing ship kite, are turning out pieces stitched with intricate maps of city streets and coastlines, and constellations

If you want to try on the trend without committing to an heirloom of your own, there are plenty of vintage and affordable new pieces out there too. Keep your eyes peeled at flea markets and antiques fairs (here's how to find the best stuff), as well as stores gold mines like HomeGoods and TJMaxx. Because the quilt trend hasn't broken big just yet, there are options aplenty. Ah, the pleasures of being a stylesetter.

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