Etsy Find of the Week: Geometric Minimalism by The Vintage Vogue

I've always had a great appreciation for minimalist design—though you'd never know it if you saw my apartment! Sometimes I daydream that I'll knock down the interior walls and trade all of my decorative and embellished wares for a sleek and clutter-free lifestyle in the vein of Tony Smith. Before any major demo dreams begin, I'll focus on smaller vignettes like a delicate array of polyhedrals, designed by Charlotte Bravo of The Vintage Vogue.

(All photos © Charlotte Bravo)
The Baltimore-based artist uses her Etsy shop as a platform for sharing her studies of shapes and structures rendered in wood and paper. The simple materials are imaginatively interpreted as coasters, trinket dishes, and geometric models.

And I love Bravo's use of copper for these lean bud vases. While I couldn't limit myself to just one vase in true minimalist style, I think a row of 5 would look simply sweet in a sun-drenched hallway.
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