A Prairie Home Companion: Meg Callahan Quilts

Even as crafting in general experiences a rather glorious resurgence (sometimes we call it DIY), quilting still seems to get a bad rap. It's tough not to picture a gaggle of grannies huddled over a patchwork of Liberty prints. That is, until you see the work of Meg Callahan. The Oklahoma-born, Providence-based designer and RISD grad creates unquestionably modern, graphic quilts that still place tremendous weight on technique and artisanship.
Meg Callahan Quilt | Lonny.com
Spine, digitally printed cotton and cotton batting, 68" x  80", available from Matter, $600 
She's also collaborated with some of our favorite home brands like Terrain and Matter. The latter sells two designs, including "Spine" (above), that digitally printed and industrially stitched, refreshing the format for modern living. The white-on-white Rye quilt (below) employs traditional stitching techniques to create a subtle raised pattern. Either would make a stellar housewarming or holiday gift we'd be happy to get.
Meg Callahan: Modern Quilts
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