Men's and Women's Handmade Aprons by Hedley & Bennett

This post was written by guest contributor Jess Chamberlain, a Seattle-based writer whose love of good design is second only to her passion for all things crafted by hand. Look for her gift guide posts all month on our blog.

(Photos courtesy of Laure Joliet.)
If you've been out to eat recently (in New York, San Francisco, Seattle—wherever), chances are you've seen chefs and kitchen staff kicking it up a notch—but in the wardrobe department. Chances are, these beautiful aprons by Los Angeles-based Ellen Bennett look familiar.

Ellen's handmade aprons of American canvas, Japanese selvage denim and European linens are as durable as they are gorgeous—of a "design quality as high as the clothes they're meant to protect." And they're no longer only for restaurant chefs. These beauties will be beloved by your favorite artists and at-home chefs alike. Available in assorted colors and patterns, from $68.

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