A New Hikari Pendant Lamp for Your Home's Entry

Hikari Pendant Lamp For Your Entry | Lonny.com(Photos courtesy of Fiyel Levent Atelier)
Paper may be the humblest of design materials—at least when compared with stunners like wood, steel, and marble—but its effects are stellar. Need proof? Enter New York-based designer Fiyel Levent, who just released an expanded collection of her popular Hikari lamps. Inspired by Japanese design and the work of artists like Isamu Noguchi, the pendants feature intricate laser-cut patterns in watercolor paper that cast richly ornamented beams of light and shadow.

Hikari Pendant Lamp For Your Entry | Lonny.com
Once the designs are inked and cut, Brooklyn artisans form the cylindrical pieces by hand, adding custom brass hardware and complementary metallic electrical cords. For those interested in mixing and matching lighting sources in an entry foyer, over a kitchen counter or island, or in the dark corner of a living room, there's mini Hikari Lamp, which is available in three different patterns; for a singular statement, you can choose one of two designs in the Elliptical Pendant.

A Hikari Pendant Lamp for Your Entry | Lonny.com
If you have more lamps than you know what to do with, you can opt for Levent's custom laser-cut paper art installations, which act as modern interpretations on traditional Asian and Islamic architecture and create a graphic effect when framed and placed on a wall. Too much of a commitment? Start small with her Corian coasters and trivets.
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