3 Design-Savvy Tech Items to Bring Home Now

Being plugged in is better than ever thanks to smart technology that looks as good as it works.

3 Design-Savvy Tech Items to Bring Home Now

We're so over obtrusive tech that ruins a room's aesthetic simply by being there. And while no one can deny the appeal of a retro Crosley record player or Marshall speaker in the living room, those with more minimal tastes have suffered to find new and inventive ways to hide their most coveted life-simplifying pieces. Most designers hate televisions, but few could argue against the sleek, wall-mounted models that have appeared in recent years, not to mention the practicality of having one—after all, we are a nation obsessed with Game of Thrones, and a 15-inch Mac screen does NOT do it justice. Now some other tech items are getting the seamless treatment. Here are three of our favorites.

3 Design-Savvy Tech Items to Bring Home Now
Courtesy of Sonos

The California brand has been a forerunner of intuitive tech that delivers on both quality and beauty. Available later this year, the new Sonos Play 5 is a speaker unlike anything you've ever owned. With a sleek design and unparalleled sound, the piece can be configured anywhere in the house without creating an eyesore. Already have Sonos hardware you love? The company just unveiled Trueplay, a new speaker-tuning software that measures the way your music bounces off a room's walls, furnishings, and windows and calibrates the sound accordingly. The best part: you can download the update to your Sonos app for free. It's like finding a brand-new, top-of-the-line speaker on your doorstep.

3 Design-Savvy Tech Items to Bring Home Now
Courtesy of Dyson

They revolutionized the vacuum cleaner—and bathroom hand dryer—industry. Now Dyson is at it again. Banish dry skin and chapped lips this winter with the company's new asthma- and allergy-friendly humidifier. Cleaner—and better looking—than the clunky average model, the Dyson employs ultraviolet rays to kill 99.9% of bacteria in water before it even starts working. It also measures the room's air temperature and moisture levels, ensuring perfect distribution.

3 Design-Savvy Tech Items to Bring Home Now
Courtesy of Canary

A vast improvement from the expensively installed, utilitarian home security systems of old, Canary ($199) is an HD camera that can both alert you to an intruder while you're sleeping and survey the scene while you're at work. Outfitted with night vision, motion sensors, and air-quality sensor, the compact design allows it to go everywhere from a discreet shelf to a highly visible desk without altering the room's aesthetic. Consider us reassured.

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