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The Most Expensive NYC Apartments From Your Fave TV Shows

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Courtesy of AMC.
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Ah, New York City. The big apple. The city that never sleeps. The home of impeccable real estate.

From the Upper East Side, to the West Village, to Brooklyn Heights, the city is jam-packed with totally swoon-worthy homes. Don’t believe us? Just turn on your television. Every show from The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel to Friends features beautiful apartments, townhouses, and brownstones that design lovers would love to live in.

Of course, these places don’t come cheap. It doesn’t matter if it’s a struggling writer or socialite. Chances are, you’d have to pay a pretty penny for any of the dreamy NYC homes you see on television.

Check out these 25 dreamy NYC pads — and how much they cost in real life. Sure, they might be out of your price range, but it never hurts to look, right?