Courtesy of Etsy.
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While it may only be October, the holiday season is fast approaching. If you want to start getting on your decor game to curate some cool handmade displays, we recommend preparing now. But if you're unsure what design direction to go, we got some expert intel from the team at Etsy.

"This year, the traditional is getting a twist – from vibrant neon baubles to a buffet of food-themed tableware, holiday decor is moving away from classic colors and shapes and allowing shoppers to add personal flair to the most festive time of the year," shares Etsy trend expert Dayna Isom Johnson. "Plus, we’re seeing shoppers embrace the cozy and the inclusive as this hectic year draws to a close."

Want a closer look at all the popular trends that will be popping up this season? Read ahead to get the scoop.