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The Most Popular Paint Color In Your City Might Surprise You

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Photographed by Nicole Franzen.
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No two cities are the same, this much we know is true. It may come as a surprise to learn that even our penchant for paint, or rather the color we splash on the walls, shares a common thread with our neighbors. Hannah Yeo, Benjamin Moore's resident color and design expert, put in the groundwork to reveal that certain hues perform better in certain cities.

"To find the most popular colors in each city, we first see which colors had the highest amount of sample color chips pulled by customers and designers in each area," explains Yeo. "A color chip is a swatch of one or more Benjamin Moore paint colors, that customers can use to test how a particular hue will appear in their space, before painting."

So, before you go paint the town red, be sure to double-check your zip code first. Click through to learn more.