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The Stylish Dentist Office You'll Actually Want To Visit

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Photographed by Phil Crozier for Reena Sotropa In House Design Group.
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Dentist offices usually have a one-size-fits-all formula — a simple waiting room, a reception desk, and a few examination rooms stocked with brochures and supplies. Yet when three brothers decided to start up their own practice Legacy Dental Care in Calgary, they decided to take a fresh new approach to the typical aesthetic.

The team at Reena Sotropa In House Design Group were brought on with the task to give the medical space a fun modern spin. "We wanted to create a dental clinic with a colorful personality and fun atmosphere to cater to the young and stylish clientele of the clinic," shares designer Alanna Dunn. "Reena and I had a lot of fun mixing patterns and pulling the finishes and materials together from concept to completion on this project."

The results? A seriously stylish office that feels like none we have seen before. Complete with lots of creative details and art, the practice is sure to make you smile. With a space like this, you'll actually be excited to book your next appointment.