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The Ultimate Design Couple's 800-Square-Foot Home

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Photographed by Anna Powell Teeter.
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Want to know the coolest couple in the Midwest? Meet Ivy Siosi and Audi Culver, the furniture designers and makers behind the brand Siosi Design. The pair live together in Bloomington, Indiana, where they share a massive studio and a tiny home, both filled with their innovative creations.

While many makers like to reside on the coasts, Culver shares, "Grad school brought me back to Bloomington, but I decided the bureaucracy of academia wasn't for me. Hoping to never have bosses ever again, Ivy and I saved our money, bought a planer and table saw, and started Siosi Design."

"Our community in Bloomington, with its charming big-little city vibes, appreciates our work and offers enough upward mobility for our business to grow," says Siosi. "Shop space is affordable, allowing us access to success."

Want a peek into their awesome digs? Click ahead to get a taste of their amazing designs.