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The Wing's Brooklyn Spot Has A Podcast Room, And So Much More

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Courtesy of The Wing.
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When The Wing first opened in Flatiron, NYC, it was clear that the female-driven phenomenon had only just begun. Since establishing its first location, The Wing struck ground in SoHo, and is now opening its doors in Brooklyn, too. 

The DUMBO spot is a unique rendition of the community work space, complete with brand-new features that offer members exciting opportunities. In short, the femme work space is not only well designed — it's thoroughly crafted for maximum success.

"Our mission was always to build communities of women who can support each other and create their own professional ecosystem," says The Wing's co-founder Audrey Gelman.

"Women are coming together to start businesses, to connect both professionally and personally here." Gelman adds. Read ahead to see inside the brand-new space, and learn from the minds behind The Wing.