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These Roommates Give Us Major Decor Envy

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Photographed by Amy Bartlam for Lonny.
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Jackie Sosa and Trelawny Davis are two L.A. ladies that may seem like your average 25-year-olds. However when you get a look at their incredible apartment, you will enter design heaven.

The duo met back in college, but really bonded once they moved to L.A. post-graduation for their cool creative jobs. Sosa is in Talent and Development at Comedy Central, while Davis is the Brand Marketing and Social Media Manager at Parachute, the modern bedding and bath company.

"Whenever we would hang out at each other’s apartments we realized we had very similar design taste (i.e. we both appreciated moving beyond IKEA furniture) and openly discussed living together once our leases were up," says the pair.

Once they picked out their West Hollywood spot, the duo got decorating. The result was a gorgeous all-neutral apartment filled with tons of personality.

"We’re both admirers of muted tones and neutrals, so it was definitely an intentional choice, but also something that would have happened naturally considering the furniture pieces we brought with us into the apartment from before. It was never a conversation we really had," said the pair.

Want a look at their incredible space? Click ahead and prepare to have a not-so-neutral reaction to this Insta-worthy home.