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This Beautifully Minimalist Clothing Store Doubles As A Community Space

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Courtesy of Lunya.
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We have recently seen a trend of stores taking on a new life. From pop-ups, to event spaces, to workshops, many retail shops have gone beyond the basics to not only get people through their doors, but to create a community of those who love the brand. One of our fave new spots to find great threads and engage with fellow women? The Bedroom, Lunya's gorgeous retail, community, and office space in Santa Monica.

With an overall brand mission of making women’s lives better, Lunya wanted to create a welcoming environment where people can not only try out its cozy sleepwear, but also attend community events ranging from panels on motherhood to movie nights to workshops on wellness. To top it off? The space is gorgeous.

Read ahead to explore the amazing Lunya Bedroom.