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This Berkeley Ceramics Company Will Give You Major Office Envy

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Photographed by Colin Price for Banner Day Interiors.
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When ceramics company Magenta was in need of fresh modern update to its Berkeley offices, they called on local designer Clara Jung of Banner Day Interiors for the job. While an office can cover the essentials (i.e. desks, chairs, and maybe a plant or two), these creatives knew they needed an inspiring space to get to work.

"I was on board immediately after hearing about the client's vision and the growth of her company in our initial consultation," shares Jung. "The company is largely staffed by women and I loved the idea of leaning into that and creating a creative space imbued with a strong feminine vibe."

"Also, because most of my projects focus on residential design, I was really intrigued by the challenge of creating an open-concept workspace for a team of 25 people," she adds.

Read ahead to see the totally transformative design that will inspire you to brighten up your own workspace.