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This Black And White SoCal Home Is Every Minimalist's Dream

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Photographed by Monica Wang for Lonny.
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Feeling Blue
Ashley's daughter Vesper's room was one of the last spots in the house to be finished. 

"With my daughter I was underwater and never really got her room done. About six months after my daughter was born my husband told me my daughters empty room 'felt kind of sad,' so I finally made an effort to do it," Ashley tells us.

"I didn’t want to do the cliché pink so I went for lots of blue and a very muted mauve pink. I had the hanging rattan chair so I knew I needed to go with something a little boho, and the beachy prints were the idea of Sam Sing from the Lunya team so it all just sort of spiraled out from there. The rug is one of my favorite parts of the room."