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This British Designer's L.A. Home Is Both Luxe And Livable

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Photographed by Nicole LaMotte for Lonny.
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Caroline LeGrand's Hollywood home is not your average rental, this much is obvious.

"I'd spent 25 years living in London and finally decided that I'd had enough," explains the British-born interior designer. "I needed a change of scenery and for me, Los Angeles is a such a cool city with a great lifestyle — it was more or less my only choice."

Blessed with a world-class eye for statement vintage pieces, a little over a month, and an uncharacteristically trusting landlord, LeGrand set out to revamp and reinvent her very L.A., very '70s home.

The result? A gilded and gold, mid-century modern masterpiece. Need to see more? Keep scrolling for the full home tour.

Nihil Novi Sofa; Anne Dokter Print; Nihil Novi Lamp; Stark Carpet; Craigslist Vintage Coffee Table; Terje Ekstrom Armchairs; Vintage Vase; Maison Jaune Design Wall Panels.