Courtesy of Saguaro Palm Springs.
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Palm Springs is one of the best destinations for fans of modern design. Just driving around town will show off tons of beautiful mid-century homes that will make you want to to jump out of the car and take pictures. Well the Saguaro Hotel just gave us one reason to love the interiors of Palm Springs too. The local hotspot just redid its lobby with the help of Eric Trine's studio Amigo Modern — and its a space you can't ignore.

Saguaro brand director Erin Weinstock recruited the furniture designer to help integrate his work into the hotel entrance. "I wanted to lighten up the space and create a more designed lobby," she explains. "I have been of fan of Eric Trine’s work for years – and when I saw the work he did for the Dew Tour, I had a feeling we could translate that into something that could work for our lobby."

With Candyland as one of its sources of inspiration, it's clear that this space was going to be bursting with personality. From color-dedicated zones to ping-pong tables, the Saguaro Hotel lobby is ready for your next vacation. Read ahead to take a tour and get the story behind its design.