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This Cool S.F. Reno Uses Color In The Most Creative Ways

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Photographed by Sarah Hebenstreit for Regan Baker Design.
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When looking to start a family, many folks start searching for a bigger home. So when a young S.F.-based couple moved into thier brand new pad, they felt ready to commit to a full redesign that they could enjoy for years to come. So they asked Regan Baker Design to help them curate a space that felt modern, fresh, and totally creative.

“Our clients had just moved to a Glen Park home with new, modern finishes,” shares Baker. “The couple, who loves to host their friends, wanted to create a place where they could entertain and have conversation with guests and eventually grow a family. They wanted a communal vibe.”

“So our goal was to bring in warmth, texture, and color inspired by wood, botanicals, and jewel tones to create a space where our clients could spend time with their family and friends, and evolve through different life stages.”

From fun wallpaper to bold color choices, this home is one you can't help but be jealous of. Read ahead to explore the space and learn the story behind the creative design.