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This Desert Dome House Is Filled With Technicolor Treasures

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Photographed by Jenna Peffley, styled by Elise Gaiardo.
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When fashion designer Corey Lynn Calter first discovered The Dome House — situated in the middle of Joshua Tree National Park — the timing was far from ideal.

"My husband and I were looking to buy something in the desert. He was thinking Palm Springs and I was sold on the high desert — I guess he won," explains the fashion designer.

"We ended up buying a beautiful home in Palm Springs, it was built in 1957. Soon after we got the keys to the new house, I received an alert for The Dome House. I knew the timing wasn't right, but I kept my eye on it. A few years later, it was back on the market — I figured it was meant to be."

Filled with assorted vintage treasures, Calter's home is so much more than just a desert flower. Fancy the full tour? Scroll through our gallery for off-grid inspiration.

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