Photographed by Kyle Oritz for Black Laquer Design.
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Sitting between the hills of Beachwood Canyon, this deco-era home just underwent a major Scandinavian redesign — thanks to interiors expert Caitlin Murray. As CEO and principle designer of Black Laquer Design, Murray is a decor visionary and furniture-sourcing expert. So, it came as no surprise that she transformed this California rental, now complete with iconic mid-century pieces and vintage finds, into a bright, refreshing haven. 

Inspired by the historic architecture of the building, Murray sought to bring in a look of old Hollywood meets a clean, modern feel. Her client, Carol Lee Pryor, is an acclaimed art advisor — also equipped with aesthetic expertise. Together the two worked to make their creative visions for the home come to life, and the result is seriously stunning, light-filled, and artistic abode. Read ahead to peek inside.