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This Entire Home Was Designed And Built In Only 6 Months

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Photographed by Kiley De Visser for Ames Interiors.
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Building a home from the ground up is never a speedy task. So when we learned a gorgeous Utah pad was built and decorated in only six months, we had to take a look.

The home is the handiwork of designer Amy Winnie and her business partner and fiancé Jace Hansen of Ames Interiors. "We built this home to be showcased in the Salt Lake Parade of Homes," explains Winnie. "When the builders came to me in March, asking if I would help with the home, my first response was, 'Is this for the 2019 Parade?' I was completely shocked to find out that they were planning to build the entire home in just a matter of five-and-a-half months!"

Even with the short timeframe, the designer was able to create a gorgeous modern home with a minimalist yet dramatic aesthetic and lots of natural elements. Read ahead to explore the space and learn about the quick design process.