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This Hollywood Hills A-Frame Home Is Magical

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Photographed by Tessa Neustadt for Lonny.
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When we first caught wind of designer and ceramist Desanka Fasiska of Lux/Eros, something about her designs really stood out to us.

Perhaps it was the way she blended the earthy craft of ceramics with such a signature glam touch. Or maybe it was the way every piece felt like it was dripping in personality and elevated playfulness. Either way, we were sold and wanted to know more about the 14-year fashion vet and her process.

Well, we wound up inviting ourselves into her unique, Hollywood Hills A-frame home (also known as #luxlodge on social media) which is just as unique and cool as her cheeky vases and mugs she crafts.

While the home has been the backdrop to many stylish events, shoots, and of course, Instagram moments, we thought we’d venture in to take a peek for ourselves and check out the updates in home for Desanka’s newest addition, baby Rocky. We know we say this quite a bit over here, but we really really want to move in.