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This Home Is Made Entirely Out Of LEGOs -- And You Can Sleep In It

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Courtesy of Airbnb.
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Have you ever made a house out of LEGOs as a kid and wondered if you could actually make one life-size? Well that dream has become a reality. Located in the birthplace of the first brick, the LEGO House is an experiential space in Billund, Denmark made out of 25 million bricks. Now, one lucky family has the chance to spend the night in the incredible home.

Thanks to a partnership with Airbnb, LEGO House is offering an experience led by master builder Jamie Berard to play, create, and sleep in the space. “Airbnb is all about helping people find magical and unforgettable travel experiences,” says James McClure, Airbnb’s general manager for UK and Nordics. "What could be more magical than having the brand new LEGO House all to yourselves for the night? This really is a dream come true for any family with a passion for LEGO and I doubt there will be much sleeping as there is so much to enjoy in this incredible space." 

Although only one family can win the experience, you can can still click ahead to explore the amazing design feat.