Courtesy of Heyday.
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If you have ever gotten a facial treatment, you might know the ritual. After entering a dimly lit spa with dulcet tones of the ocean and flutes playing in the background, you'll get a pretty pricey service that feels like a splurge. Well Heyday is looking to change that.

The bicoastal company has a modern take on skincare which frames facials as a routine rather than a luxury. With its semi-private rooms, knowledgable skin therapists, and extremely stylish interiors, Heyday is definitely changing up the spa experience.

Its latest shop in L.A. is one of its prettiest yet. With garage-style doors, pretty pastel decor, and a mural that's seriously Instagrammable, we would book a facial just to step inside.

Want a virtual tour? Read ahead to explore the entire shop.