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This Is The Most Colorful Home We've Ever Seen

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Photographed by Becky Kimball for Lonny.
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As color enthusiasts ourselves, we can appreciate a home that doesn’t shy away from saturated décor. And, this is definitely the case for Morgan Hutchinson, the founder of cool e-shop BURU’s, Salt Lake City abode.

Stepping into her home is a venture into a hue-soaked sanctuary (Hutchinson fondly describes her home as a “box of Skittles”) with a beyond impressive art collection, vibrant furniture, and thoughtfully designed nooks and crannies.

The Federal Heights Tudor-style home was a complete gut job, and Hutchinson (who lives there with her husband, daughter, and baby on the way!) understood the importance of creating a space that felt like a reflection of their family’s creative personality while still maintaining the old-school charm. Take a peek into the colorful world of Morgan and her family, and we promise you won’t be disappointed.