Photographed by Becky Kimball for Lonny.
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We love that Olive has her own bathroom!
"Creating enough space for this room and the proper layout was the genius of Meredith McBrearty. In a house this old and of this style, rooflines and windows present big challenges. With enough finagling, she found a way to turn a completely wasted hallway and tiny laundry room into the perfect dual vanity bathroom for a growing family. I knew that I wanted a black, white and green color scheme—with green as the focus. I also knew I wanted hand fired and glazed tiles to bring a sense of depth to the color. The green tiles got pricey fast, but I was able to select much less expensive black and white options — that look exactly the same as the $$$$ ones— to bring the overall cost down and get the same look. The end result is exactly what Meredith and I dreamed of…maybe better!"