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This Is What Each 'Sex And The City' Apartment Would Look Like In 2018

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Courtesy of Modsy.
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Sex And The City first premiered 20 years ago on June 6, 1998 — and a lot has changed since then. While we are still always happy to binge-watch and root for the guys Carrie clearly should have ended up with (aka Aiden), it's hard to ignore that the amazing style in the show is a little outdated.

In honor of the show’s 20th anniversary, interior design startup Modsy reimagined how Carrie’s iconic NYC apartment would look in 2018. Not only did they take Bradshaw's style into account, but they also created versions Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha would approve of!

Read ahead to take a look at this amazing modern redesigns to get your inspired before your next SATC marathon.