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This Is What The Seinfeld Apartments Would Look Like In 2018

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Fans of Seinfeld might be surprised to know that the show premiered a whopping 29 years ago today! However, take one look at the home decor and you'll realize that it's definitely dated. Have you ever wondered what a modern day Seinfeld would look like? The team at the online interior design company Modsy did too.

"To celebrate the show’s anniversary, we turned our design team’s energy towards one of the show’s main hubs — Jerry Seinfeld’s NYC apartment," shares Alessandra Wood, Modsy's director of style. "We set out to re-imagine what the space might look like today if the iconic, quirky cast of characters — Jerry, Elaine, George and of course, Kramer — lived there today."

Read ahead to get a peek into what the Larry David comedy would look like with a modern set design.