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This Marble-Filled Palm Springs Reno Is An Actual Dream House

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Photographed by Stephen Busken for Studio Life.Style.
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Here at Lonny, we love to showcase homes that feel at once inspirational and accessible, with designs that are fresh, modern, and innovative. While this vacation home at the Madison Club in Palm Springs is WAY on the aspirational side, the beautiful architecture and creative interiors provide us something that we can all strive to emulate.

Shannon Wollack and Brittany Zwickl of Studio Life.Style are the design geniuses behind the breathtaking space, which they define as "a contemporary hacienda." The traditional Spanish architecture gets a modern edge with marble-filled rooms, comfortable spaces for a family to enjoy, and light fixtures to swoon over.

Read ahead to get a peek at the gorgeous grounds and learn about the inspiration behind the breathtaking design.