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This Minimalist Home Is Like Living In A Spa

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Photographed by Bo Dabi for Emma Beryl.
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While Scandinavian design may be the most popular iteration, minimalism has roots in many corners of the globe. Take Japan, where airy, clean-lined interiors mimic the nature beyond their doors, and where designer Emma Beryl found inspiration for her latest project, a duplex penthouse in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan.

Before designing the four-bed, three-bath home Beryl and her clients, a young family of three, took a trip to Tokyo, bringing back with them a vision for the space that played off of the natural materials, clean lines, and neutral colors present in Japanese interiors.

Looking to evoke the same tranquil feeling in the hard-build elements of the family’s New York home, while also making sure it didn’t feel too austere, Beryl brought in classic and more colorful pieces, like Eames dining chairs and a vintage living room rug.

But few details of the home are more novel than the “zen” button on the master bathroom wall. Press it and the room’s lights dim, accent lights around the tub light up, floors heat, and music plays.

Step inside for a look at one family’s spa-like home and all of the minimalist Japanese touches that inspired it.