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This New Shopping Spot Is MADE For Instagram

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Los Angeles doesn’t have any shortage of cool retail offerings. But, there’s one new Culver City space that’s kind of a game-changer in the SoCal shopping scene for many reasons. Platform is a new endeavor developed by David Fishbein and Joseph Miller of Runyon Group that melds shopping, fashion, art, and music in a creative, design-savvy destination that is already the cool-kid hub of L.A.

But, let’s look beyond the specialty shops like Aesop, Janessa Leone, Freda Salvador, Linda Farrow, and Blue Bottle for a second (we know, not easy to do). One thing you can’t gloss over during a visit to Platform is the striking building. Designed by Abramson Teiger Architects the 120,000 square-foot railroad-station-turned shopping emporium still pays tribute to the original bones with boxcar-like elements integrated in the exterior. It also houses everything from a stunning Jen Stark mural to a sprawling greenhouse. We tapped ATA to walk us through and space and give us the low-down on the design and more. Let's take a tour, shall we?