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This Nursery Is Bananas - And We Love It

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Courtesy of Thomas Kuoh.
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When you're an interior designer with a baby on the way, prepping your nursery is a chance to really have some fun. While creating a kid-friendly space is essential, it's important to remember you will be the person really enjoying the room's aesthetic. Emilie Munroe, principal designer of S.F.’s Studio Munroe, took that mission to heart and created a banana-filled space straight out of her design dreams.

“You only know one thing when you have a five-year-old, own your own business, and are expecting baby number two: things are about to get B-A-N-A-N-A-S," jokes Munroe. "I always advise expectant parents to include their own taste and style in their nursery since they are going to be spending hours in the space rocking, feeding, and cuddling.”

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