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This Renovated Church Is S.F.'s Cali-Cool Clubhouse For Women

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Photographed by Margaret Austin Photography for The Assembly.
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Since the future has been declared female, women's clubs (like NYC's The Wing) have been popping up in major cities around the country as spaces for co-working, collaboration, and empowerment. Well San Francisco just saw the arrival of its own clubhouse and it definitely captures all those Cali cool vibes.

Co-founders Molly Goodson and Carnet Williams called on Bay Area artists to help them redesign an old church in the Mission District into The Assembly. A clubhouse for women to work, workout, connect, and relax in the city, the space also doubles as a fitness studio and will host programming based around creating a sense of well-being and health in addition to career development, networking, and mentorship opportunities.

Want in on this club? Click ahead to learn more about the beautiful space.