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This Revamped Craftsman Style Home Is A Technicolor Dream

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Photographed by Reid Rolls for Leanne Ford Interiors; Styled by Courtney Favini Lichty.
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When it comes to refreshing a space, a hot pink rug is always certain to do the trick. Thankfully, HGTV's Restored by The Fordssophomore season is serving a serious look.

From contemporary factory windows to white-washed brick, rattan furniture, and lush house plants — spring has arrived in this artfully restored Pittsburgh home. "The homeowner, Laura, is actually a friend of mine," explains interior designer and one-half of the brother-sister duo, Leanne Ford.

"Laura grew up taking piano lessons in this very house — so there was a real sentimental value about it. It's a gorgeous craftsman style house, but it's very small, and they have a big family," shares Ford. "So our primary concern was playing with the flow and layout of the house, without losing the craftsman charm."

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PPG Paint; Weisshouse Rug; Funky MCM Vintage Sofa; Round Top Texas Antiques Rattan Stools.