Photographed by Sean Litchfield for Homepolish.
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Fancy A Game

Playful spaces and neon brights give the spacious live-work apartment an off-duty vibe. "Our client (a nutritionist who primarily works from home) does love to entertain, but in a relaxed way," explains Stat. "So we emphasized seating, adding in versatile, fun pieces like bean bags and ottomans, that can serve more than one function and move from space to space, as needed."

"You do not need to spend a million bucks to make a space look like a million bucks," Strat explains. "Think outside the box and take the time to build your 'collection.'"

"It's like fashion, it's not about the clothes you’re wearing, it's about how you wear them," she says. "Same goes for beautiful interior design. It's about how you take that sofa, coffee table or chair, and try to lay them out in a different and unique way."

Client's Own Custom Mirror; Ligne Roset Sofa Chairs; New Eco Plants; Client's Own Table Tennis Table.