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This Stylish Family Home Makes IKEA Look High End

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Photographed by Nick Glimenakis for Homepolish.
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When Homepolish designer Crystal Sinclair was tasked with decorating a newly built home for a family of three (going on four) in Long Island City, she was offered an amazing blank slate to work with.

Her description of the house before she got started? “Empty! The paint colors, floors, and trims were all in place," Sinclair shares. "We worked on furniture, accessories, rugs, and lighting, as well as helped her with window treatments."

The finished product is a beautiful space that blends a minimalist palette with warm textures, modern touches, and tons of statement-making art. It even has a mix of high and low items to keep it budget and family-friendly.

Want to get an inside look at the design? Read ahead for a full tour.