Courtesy of The Galeana Group.
Rolling Design
One of Younger's first challenges is she had to design the home to be placed on a trailer so the owner could move the home. "I quickly learned that there were certain things that I simply couldn't change like — say — the size of the trailer," shares Younger. "As it turns out, there are a lot of people out there who have built tiny houses for themselves and many of them have generously shared their experiences online. Once I got a handle on those basics, I was able to start piecing things together."

She continues, "In terms of the shape of the outside, I didn't want it to look rustic. There are lots of tiny houses that have a 'cabin' feel. So I went with a more mid-century modern look, but updated it with a lapis blue façade and chartreuse door. Black trim around the windows made things pop a bit, while the sloped roof still allowed me the space I needed."