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Can you imagine owning a home on a whopping 298 acres? Well, tucked away in the mountains of Telluride, Tom Cruise once owned a Colorado cabin on that much land. He put it up for sale a few years back and the home will astonish you. The draws: world-class skiing, a celebrity-friendly resort town, and unparalleled privacy. The con: a jaw-dropping $59 million price tag. 

Regardless, the home is surrounded by woods and mountains, complete with rustic interiors and cozy decor. And it came with a private helipad! 

Just one look at this magnificent home and land and you'll understand how the A-lister fell for it in the first place. He bought the property while married to Nicole Kidman in the '90s, then the home was completed in 1994 after Cruise did much of the designing himself. In 2006, he did photo shoot there with Katie Holmes to introduce their daughter Suri to the world.

Take a peek at the actor's former home, this way.