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This Design Studio Toes The Line Between Pretty And Productive

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Photographed by Bess Friday for Lonny.
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Interior designer Lauren Nelson spent the better part of a year on the hunt for her bright, beautiful San Anselmo design studio.

"I came across this space which had been recently renovated, so it was a nice white box with lots of potential," explains the designer. "We tore down the wall that divided the main space so that now you can see straight through from the front, down to the enormous back windows."

Nelson wasted no time giving her studio space new life, with freshly painted walls, custom signage, a wallpapered bathroom, and a show-stopping kitchen counter and splashback, rendered in marble. In need of a little office space inspiration? Scroll through our gallery for the full tour.

BluDot Table; Vintage Chairs; Kerry Joyce, C&C Milano Fabrics.