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We're Giving Back This Holiday Season With Trove

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Photographed by Christine Foo for Trove.
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There are countless ways you can give back this holiday season. Whether you donate your time, money, or food, it's an amazing way to help foster and support your community. With many people struggling to make ends meet or feeling displaced after the California wildfires, we feel like more than ever it's necessary to do our part.

So we partnered up with our friends at Trove, Apartment34, and Article to create a donation drive that gives back to three local non-profits in the Bay Area. Based at Trove's S.F. warehouse, we curated a few stylish storage boxes to represent each of the charities and encourage visitors to donate.

Since it is the season of celebration, we invited friends and readers to join us at a launch event with sips, snacks, and take a pic in each of the boxes. Not only was it a blast, but the party brought in tons of donations!

The drive will continue until December 10 if help these incredible non-profits. Trove is even matching all monetary donations to help double your support. In the meantime, read ahead to take a peek our launch event.