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We're Tickled Pink By This Delightful California French Restaurant

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Photographed by Lily Glass for Jeune Et Jolie.
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Within the beachy town of Carlsbad, California, you might be surprised to find a charming French restaurant that feels like an Instagram dream come true. Jeune Et Jolie is a pretty little haven complete with custom pink velvet booths, beautifully curated art, and seriously delicious bites. Owner John Resnick and chef Andrew Bachelier called upon the help of design team Bells & Whistles to create a restaurant that lives up to its name.

"When I first brought the idea of the restaurant to my talented friends at Bells & Whistles, I only knew a few things," explains Resnick. "The space had to feel incredibly different than Campfire (our New American live-fire joint down the street), I wanted an open kitchen so the guests could feel like they were part of the show and so the cooks could feel a part of the guest experience, and I wanted the space to feel transportive — for guests to feel like they were somewhere else and it also had to feel like it belonged here in Carlsbad, our little Southern Californian surf town."

Resnick adds, "It was a tall order and a little paradoxical, but Bells nailed it and made it better than I ever could have imagined." We have to agree. Every thoughtful item comes together to create a restaurant that feels modern, fun, feminine, and fresh.

Want to get a taste of the space? Read ahead to whet your design appetite.