Courtesy of ARCHIV-E.
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Have you been obsessed with all the gorgeous surf shacks making their way through your Instagram feeds? While placing a surfboard in your home may be one way to copy the look, we have an easy idea that won't take up as much space. To give off those amazing beach house vibes, all you need is a cool piece of art to capture that carefree surfer spirit. With the excellent curation at ARCHIV-E, you can find the perfect print with the click of a button.

"It’s our point of view — the unusual selection of images that are rooted in a specific California lifestyle, as well as the clean and simple website presentation — which really lets the artwork sing," says Evan Backes, founder of ARCHIV-E. "That is what differentiates us from most of what is currently sold elsewhere online."

With prints from renowned photographers around the globe, this incredible selection is not to be missed. Click ahead to see a few of our favorites.